Hi, I'm Anja!

Writer | Editor | Game Developer

I'm an Indonesian Writer, Editor, and Game Developer.Currently, I'm working as a Freelance Editor providing proofreading and editing services for various mediums (Visual Novels, Webtoon, Web Novel, and more).I specialize in scriptwriting, branching narratives (Twine, Ink, and Bitsy), and creating compelling and meaningful choices in a gameplay.If you're interested to work with me, please reach out through my email or discord. I'm open to do any short-term or long-term projects.


"in the walls" is a short interactive horror story about the thing that lurks in the walls of your home. I made this game as part of the O2A2 Visual Novel Game Jam 2023: Queer Edition.I worked as a Writer and Programmer using Twine.Play Here

"Imago Dirge" is a horror visual novel about unexpectedly transforming into a monstrous thing. How will you live your life now with this change? (Based on Franz Kafka's "Metamorphosis").It was made for the Spooktober 5th Annual Visual Novel Jam.I worked as a Script Editor.Play Here

"Fade In Midnight" is top-down shooter, roguelike game about surviving a night at an abandoned house full of terror. This game is made for the 1-BIT JAM #2.In a team of five, I worked as the Writer.Play Here

"Lonehouse" is an interactive fiction exploring complicated family dynamics and grief.Submitted as part of the Interactive Fiction Competition 2023.I worked as the Writer.Play Here

Publications & Others


"Divinations Magazine: Cursed (Issue Two)"Editorial AssistantRead Here"Paper Jam (Queer Romance Web Novel)"Beta ReaderRead Here


"Haunted Words Press: Issue Six"Writer - "Devour" (Flash Fiction)Read "Devour" Here

Rates (Writing & Editing)


Writing: $0.02 per wordBeta Reading & Editing: $0.01 per word

Terms of Service

➜ Payment must be done through PayPal (USD)➜ Payment can be done in full or installments (50% up-front, 50% before delivery). Payment must be completed before delivery.➜ I reserve the right to decline or refuse any commission.I do not allow any of my works be used for AI or AI related assets➜ (For Beta Reading & Editing) I only accept completed drafts.


If you're interested in working with me, please contact me either through Email or Discord where you can reach to me the fastest!